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Although we know lots and have many ideas to share, we have to admit that we really aren't "know-it-alls". We are willing to acknowledge that there are lots of other great websites with fantastic information (available on the Internet) that will help you with every aspect of your finances. We've done the research; you will reap the benefits of our efforts. We encourage you to learn all you can and these links will help you to do just that. Take a look!

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Back to top We're having a party Party themes
Types of parties and celebrations
"Other Types of Parties"
Party games
"Birthday Party Games for Kids"
"Adult and Children's Party Games. For children's birthday party, adult birthday party, family party, Christmas, Halloween, St. Valentine's Day, wedding etc."
"Kid's Birthday Party Games"
100's of adult and child party games
Party planning
"Life's A Party... But not when you spend too much!"
Free on-line party invitations and party planners
"Plan a Party that Fits in Your Budget"
Party planning
Much much does an average wedding cost?
"Online Services to the Rescue for Invitations and RSVPs"
Celebrate with fun FREE birthday invitations!
Microsoft Office
E-mail template: Holiday party invitation (ornaments design)
Download Free Printable Invitations
Children's Birthday & Holiday Invitations
Digital invitations
An inexpensive, Simple Way to Create an Elegant Online Wedding Invitation
Party invitations
Celebrate with fun party invitations!
(Canada) Make an impression.
(USA) Make an impression.
Microsoft Office
Invitation templates for MS Office products
Electronic RSVPs
Why use a website to plan a party?
Invitations, free eCards and party plannign ideas.
Free online invitations and party planning.
Online invitations and RSVP services.
Online invitations, event management and registration software.
Invitations made easy.
Discount party stores
Party favors, quincinera, sweet sixteen, bar mitzva, anniversary
Birthday and theme parties
Your perfect party superstore
Birthday party supplies, party decorations, scene setters, costumes, balloons
Party store franchise
Party Supplies to make your party

Back to top Keep it down (the cost that is)
"How to Throw a Party on a Budget"
"How to Plan a Party on a Budget"
"How to Plan a Kid's Party on a Budget"
How To Throw A Kid's Birthday Party Without Spending A Fortune
"General Party Planning Advice"
"How can I Plan a Birthday Party on a Budget?"
Fun party ideas for teens
"Do you know of any cheap favors I could give at my child's birthday party?"
"Kids Birthday Party Favors"

Back to top Gift giving
The Top 10 Gifts You Shouldn't Buy Your Wife This Christmas
Extravagant gifts for the girl who has everything
Buy and sell gift cards at a discount
Making your own gifts
"Saving on Wedding Costs"
Non purchased gift ideas
Gifts kids can give
How to give gifts to different types of people
"Inexpensive, Creative and Eco-friendly Gift Ideas"
"How can I reduce the cost of my wedding?"
A collection of frugal wedding crafts
Alternatives to traditional gift giving
"20 Unique and Alternative Gift Ideas"
"Alternatives to Buying Gifts This Holiday Season"
Do it yourself event websites (not free, but inexpensive)
Regifting MSN Money
"12 rules for regifting without fear"
Regifting Etiquette: 5 Top Tips To Regift Gracefully
Canadian Living
"8 simple rules for regifting"
Share your regifting story

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